Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing is the last stage of creating a wall. Right after drywall installation, you'll notice rough edges and joints, exposed screw heads, and uneven surfaces. To remedy this, we tape up the joints and apply drywall compound for a nice, even, and smooth finish.

It becomes a lot more complicated once you approach the corners where the walls and ceiling meet, in addition to holes for electrical sockets. The finish is the foundation for everything afterward, like molding and paint. Any errors at this juncture will prove costly.

Drywall plastering is detail work at its core. For the inexperienced, it would take an immense amount of time to get it just right. Thankfully, we at our home remodeling and flooring company are at your service. Leave it to the experts for the finest quality in drywall finishing. We are a drywall contractor you can trust to do the job.

For the best in drywall finishing and door installation in Tallahassee, FL, count on CHS! We can also be your hardwood and tile contractor if you are looking to add new flooring to your home.